Landscape Design in Franklin TN

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Our landscaping design company can help you achieve the best look for your yard

A vibrant and well-maintained backyard makes our outdoor space look lively with a great connection to nature. It’s without a doubt that, however small or large our outdoor space is, you can turn it into a haven of peace and tranquility, with a sense of comfort and luxury.

What’s better than a great outdoor space to enjoy the real taste of nature as you read a book or watch your kids play? Let a professional landscaper create an ideal place for your family to unwind.

We are a team of exceptional landscapers committed to the provision of elegant and outstanding landscape design and maintenance services around Franklin.

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Landscape design

The first phase of an aesthetically stunning landscape is the design. It involves modification and arranging of various landscaping elements such as stones and different plants to create a beautiful exiting outdoor place. In the design stage, we lay our emphasis on simplicity and quality landscape designs that match the ideas and opinions of our clients since customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

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Hardscape design and installation

We offer quality hardscape design and installation for both residential and commercial properties. Hardscape design involves the use of materials such as loose stones, tiles, concrete, bricks, wood, among others, to come up with features such as retaining walls, walkways, driveways, raised flower beds, etc. When these features are integrated with other yard features by an experienced landscaper, the result is always a magnificent outdoor place.


However, properly a yard has been maintained; it can never match the standards of a well lit aesthetically maintained exterior space. Our trained lighting professionals will illuminate your new landscape under the instructions of the designer to leave behind a magical evening picture.

In case you have a landscaped space with no lighting, our designers will assess your area and then help you visualize and actualize the potential of your space after proper lighting.

Your Dream Backyard Awaits

After enough ground assessment of your available exterior space, our professional designers put together a detailed outline that’s fit for your outer space. 

This process involves organizing different landscaping elements such as flowers, grass, shrubs, retaining walls, fireplaces, patios, decks, walkways, etc. to create stunning landscape/hardscape designs on paper, which we’ll use as a guide in the execution phase.